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Life Insurance


Regardless of your age, you take on debt in order to live a certain lifestyle.  Buying a house, taking on student loans, buying nice cars, going on trips, etc.  If you agree that the person who created the debt should be responsible to repay it then life insurance should be a priority for you. When you are gone, whether it be prematurely or from old age,  your debts do not disappear and are often passed on as a burden to your loved ones. 


Life insurance gives your beneficiaries (who you chose) a tax free lump sum of money that they can decide what to do with and how it will benefit them the most.


I help make sure you have the appropriate amount of coverage for the lowest cost possible so that your financial debt does not become a burden if something were to happen to you. 

Long Term Care Insurance


This could also be called not long term care insurance.  As we age we will eventually need someone else to take care of us as we become fragile and forgetful.  If you want to stay out of the government homes and have a nice place to stay then you need to go private and it is not cheap.  It becomes extremely expensive as it can be $4000 and up per month for a little one bedroom place. Most seniors cannot afford this but want to be as independent as possible.  Long term care insurance shifts the financial burden from yourself onto the insurance company as they will pay for you to be comfortable and they will also pay for you to have in home care if you want to stay home as long as possible.  Just as disability insurance there are many different options to choose from let me help you get the coverage you want for the best price possible.



If you have a child and want to help them with post-secondary education then this is a must.  The government gives you free money.  If you deposit anywhere from $1-$2500 in a given year then the government will also deposit 20% of what you deposited up to $500 a year and a maximum of $7000 per child.  There are many different options out there for RESP’s and to find out what the best option for you and your family is give me a call.  For more information check out my blog here.


When you are finally done working and are ready to retire or if you have changed jobs and want to know what to do with you pension as there are many options give me a call to find out how we can help you out.  From money for life to different investment funds we can help create a plan that works for your situation.

Critical Illness Insurance


Critical Illness insurance is just like life insurance in the sense that it pays out a tax free lump sum of money that you can use as you see fit. You can use it to help you:

  • medically, such as:  experimental medication that is not yet covered, travel to a better facility or jump the que to get treatment now,


  • for regular day-to-day needs, such as paying bills that have gone unattended due to your inability to work, 


  • however you see fit, whether that be going on a trip or any other decision you make to provide enjoyment to you and your family.


It is all up to you.  The difference between Life Insurance and Critical Illness Insurance is that Life Insurance pays out on your death and someone else receives the money.  Critical Illness insurance pays directly out to you when you are diagnosed with one of the critical illnesses covered under the plan. 


To find out more about this type of insurance click here.

Tax Free Savings Accounts


This to me is the most important place to put your money when investing.  Your money can be invested in many different ways, funds, GIC’s, individual stocks, high interest savings accounts etc.  The benefit of having your money in a TFSA is that it grows tax free and is available to you when you need it (depending on what funds you invested in).  There are limits as to how much you can invest every year and it is all governed by the federal government.  If you want to find out how we can help you benefit from investing in a TFSA give me a call.


This is any money that is not is a registered account meaning a TFSA, RREP, RESP, RRIF.   Advantages that we provide are guaranteed funds, beneficiary designation, creditor protection, probate free succession all while being invested at a risk level that matches your tolerance.  We invest the same way that our clients do and if we make changes we let you know.  To find out how we differ from banks and other investors and how to gain the advantages as mentioned above give me a call.

Disability Insurance


Disability Insurance makes sure that you are paid if you are no longer able to work.  There are many different types of disability insurance and it is important to understand what type you have. You want to make sure that you know exactly what you are covered for.


To find out if you have the proper coverage and to understand what you may already be covered by through work, give me a call.


To see what you are insuring click here. 


To find out how much you are worth to your family click here.



Once you have filled your TFSA then you should be putting your money into a RRSP.  This money is meant to be used for your retirement.  The benefits of it is that you get a tax benefit when depositing cash into it and your money grows tax free while inside.  The drawback is that when you start withdrawing from your RRSP the money is then taxed.  If your money is going to be used for retirement and your TFSA is full then you want to put your money in here.  You can invest in many different funds, GIC’s, individual stocks etc.  Find out where you should be putting your money based on your risk tolerence and how we help protect and grow your wealth.


Once you become 71 you need to turn your RRSP’s into RRIF’s and to start withdrawing from them.  There is a minimum that is put forth from the government but you can withdraw as much as you want over that minimum threshold.  Once again it can be invested in many different ways to continue to grow to keep your finances secure in your retirement.

Succession Planning

Succession planning is the process to make sure that your assets are going to go to who you want in the most tax efficient way possible.  Depending on your individual situation there are many different options to consider on how to make sure this happens.

Retirement Planning

Sitting down and having a discussion about what you want your retirement to be like is the first step in retirement planning.  Once we know how you want to retire we can help set up a plan that is tax efficient to get you to that point in the most timely fashion.

Bank accounts

If you want to have an extra $10,000 in your pocket when you retire then you need to rethink how you bank.  To find out how you can pay ZERO bank fees and get 1% on all deposits in your bank account contact me now.

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