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There are three main areas in life that we focus on: accumulation, allocation and transference of wealth.

In the earlier stages of life we work in order to accumulate wealth in hopes that we have enough later for retirement.  In this accumulation stage we need to focus on where personal priorities lie and how financial priorities should match.  This means working on ways to protect wealth and lifestyle as well as grow that wealth and lifestyle in the most efficient manner possible.

Next, you need to look at allocation.  Based on your beliefs of what matters most in your life, is your money being allocated properly?  Examples of proper allocation range from starting an RESP for your child, a TFSA to grow your money tax free or pay down your mortgage or other debt all the way to protecting you and your family from the financial burdens of a premature death, illness or accident. Proper allocation could also be investing wisely to grow your money in the most efficient way possible.

The final area is transference; which should be planned at all stages of life.  This is to make sure that your wealth flows to who you want and not to the government.  

**Note that this area is not just for the elderly, as unexpected surprises can happen to us at any point in our lives.

No matter what your focus is, I am here to help.  Give me a call or send me an email. We can make an appointment to get your finances set up in a way that helps you the most.

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MAY 3, 2012

Use this area to let your visitors know about your latest news. 

MAY 3, 2012

Use this area to let your visitors know about your latest news. 


Nov, 14 2016

Business owner? Learn about the classic estate freeze.

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