Creating a plan

Find your Richness

What are you planning for?


What exactly do you want in your future?  This will decide how much and how aggressive you need to be with your planning.  Some people want to travel the world first class, while some look at spending time at home with their grandkids.  There is a large gap between those financial futures and we need to know where you fall.  Planning today gives you peace of mind for tomorrow, but we need to make sure that we are planning for the right future.  


  • The picture of the mirror to the left is symbolic because when you look into a mirror you need to see a reflection of where YOU want to be- in the present as well as in the future. I help guide you there. 

Investing for your Future

How are you going to reach your richness?

Once you know what your Richness is we need to set up an investment plan to get you there by building assets.  This will include: 

  • TFSA's

  • RRSP's,

  • RESP's

  • Other investment vehicles.

The main thing is that you are investing wisely, tax efficiently and making your money work hard for you instead of you working hard for your money. At the same time we need to make sure that your investments are safe through the form of insurance.

Estate Planning

Transfer your wealth efficiently to next generations.

This plan should be discussed as early as possible when getting your finances in order. It should also be updated as your situation changes.  This includes making sure your beneficiaries are correct, that your wealth is protected from any creditors and that it is transferred quickly and efficiently to who you want.  Many people do not understand the importance of this plan and without doing so, it becomes a hassle for their loved ones once you have moved on.  It only takes a couple of hours and everything can be set up so there is minimal work for them and it flows through tax efficiently.  We can make it as easy as the picture to the left. 

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