Financial Planning for Corporations

There are 3 stages in the life of a Corporation and as a financial advisor I help along the way.


  • In stage 1 of a new business, my job is to help manage risk through Loan protection, Key person protection, buy/sell agreement funding and your own personal planning.

  • For stage 2 as an established business, I am here to help in different ways as new and exciting issues arise.  I help with group benefits, legal tax sheltering, Corporation surpluses, retirement income planning and executive benefits.

  • The 3rd and final stage is for a mature company.  I help by finding the best ways to remove corporate surpluses, retain key employees, tax planning, equalization and corporate restructuring.

Working with a qualified financial advisor through all of these stages can help you save and earn more money than trying to figure it out yourself.  While you are busy working on your business I will be working to help you save more money.

Carson Financial


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